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  Orany (Varena), Railway and Lager
   In 1862 railway connected the capitol of Russia Empire Sankt Peterburg and Warshawa (Warsaw).  The station of this main line Orany (Varena) was built some 5 versts to the south of the settlement giving the name to station. That it is how little settlement Orany nodding in periphery of the Empire found itself close to axle of progress and began to grow.

   Responding the strategic interest to strengthen western border of Russian empire in the end of XIX century it was decided to fortify strategically important site on river Neman near settlement Olita (Alytus). There were plans to link Olita with neighbouring fortresses of Kowno (Kaunas) and Grodna (Grodno) by railway soon. The construction of this important junction was started the very practical route - from station Orany northwest to Olita.

   In 1881 authority of Russia settled summer camp (Russ. - Lager) for Vilnius military district just north of Orany.  Shortly artillery ground beside was equipped. In 1894 laying branch to Olita railway station Poligon was built, many stone buildings, barracks, storehouses, stablings were constructed in Lager. From then people lived in Lager all-year-round.  Artilleriyskaya name naturalized for railway station.

    Orany grew together with cantonment: post office, judge office, synagogue, various shops, pubs, hotels, storages, industrial enterprises were settled there. Growth continued until the Great war. During two September weeks of 1915 the battles in the vicinities  clobbered Orany seriously.

    In 1920 Poland occupied Vilnius region together with railway station Varena and swelling by the station settlement Varena 2nd. Administration line between the states was set along Merkys (Pol. - Mereczanka), thus Varena 1st became frontier place on Lithuanian side. Until Lithuanian military who used shooting range were relocated further from line of demarcation to Gaiziunai (near Jonava), Varena 1st lost any significance.

     Nestled up to alive railway line Varena 2nd develop faster. Therefore during soviet era it became administration centre. In 1980 both Varenas were formally merged to one town. Varena 1st was renamed Varenos Senamiestis and Varena 2nd - simply Varena. In 1994 Varenas were separated again - Old Town got status of village and the name of Senoji Varena (the Old Varena).
Names of locations changed fast together with situation in XX century:
  until 1918 1918-1920 1920-1939 1939-1980 1980-1994 since 1994
Orany Varena Varena I
Varena I Varenos Senamiestis Senoji Varena
settlement by railway   station  
Orany Varena II
(Lit.-Varena II)
Varena II Varena  
railway station  
Orany Varena Orany*
(lit.- Varena)
military town  
Lager unknown Sanatorija
(since 1927)
Lageriu forest / Gluko forest
railway station in   military town  
Poligon (later Artilleriyskaya) Artilerija Dainavos sanatorija name unknown

* were occupied by Poland 1920-1939


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